Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcoming Cat

"Welcoming Cat" is a small cat sculpture, that is believed bringing good luck to the owner in Japan. We actually call them "Manaki Neko" in Japanese. ("Neko"="Cat")
Here, you may find out more detail information from Wikipedia, if you are interested in :)

Here's some of my Welcoming Cat collections.


I was given this one from my father few years back ago, and I think this is almost just like the classic "Welcoming Cat" looks.
In welcoming cat design, a raised right paw supposedly attracts money, and a raised left paw attracts customers.
So... this one is raising his left paw, which means attracting customers.....
Huh...... maybe, in my case, I will be getting more kitty friends visiting to my blog????!!?!?!
Hip, hip, huurah!!

I don't even remember where this one is coming from.........
It's little tiny one, about only 2 inches tall.
Which paw is this one raising??

And I found this cute one from my last trip to Japan.
It is made of ceramic, has a very lovely decoration around the neck with traditional Japanese "Kimono" fabric, and even came with a small red pillow that it can sit on.
I would say, it is not quite a traditional welcoming cat style, which is usually with a beckoning paw. But instead of that, it is bowing.
I thought it's a very polite kitty :)

Of all above, this one is my VERY favorite "Welcoming Cat".
I got this special welcoming cat about a year ago.
Since then, I've been getting countless good luck!!!!!

Priceless!!!!! Sorry! Not for sale!!



  1. You are indeed priceless! But the welcoming cats are cuties too....hello back welcoming cats!

  2. I didn't know about Welcome Cats. This was so great to learn! Your collecting is very cute -- I'm going to check out the Wikipedia page now! :)

  3. Our mom has a welcoming has a raised left paw so it's welcoming customers!!

  4. I had read something about welcoming cats recently. Yours are so cute. I am with you, Amanda is my favorite too.


  5. I love these welcoming cats. I never knew what they were called. Of course Amanda is the best!

  6. Hi All!
    Thanks for your comments, and I was quite happy to introduce welcoming cats to all you guys!!!


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