Thursday, January 7, 2010

Box Cat

kitties like any size of boxes to fit in...

from a small box....

to a big box...

or even in the bascket : )

It is just like a famous quote....

"Why do you want to get into the box?"

"Because it's there"


  1. Konichiwa! I am glad to be the first of your followers.

    And what a lovely cat blog you have. Tabby cats are the most friendly cats and are subservient. Easy to get along with.

    Our first cat we called Ming Ming was a Tabby cat. We adopted him by accident because he never left our door. Later we found out, he was our neighbour's cat. That naughty neighbour. :)

  2. Boxes are the greatest! You are smart to select a box called "Cuties" because you are very cute.


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