Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cats on Tuseday - My First Cat Collars

My first cat goods that I have ever made was a cat collar for my first loving kitten, Austin.
He was way too skinny and mini, and nothing from pet stores would fit his tiny neck.
So I simply told myself that......
if there's nothing from the stores, so why not just made one by myself???

Weight me???
I made my first mini kitten collar for Austin, from a firm blue ribbon with Velcro, so that it would easily release him when I got stacked in something.

He was looking quite sexy with his blue collar :)

I made another one with my favorite polka-dot too :)

Now.... I feel....that was where I started making kitty goods...

My experience with Austin was,,, quite painful and I still get sad feelings when I see his pictures... But I also have so many beautiful memories with him, and he taught me so many life lessons....he was very brave and lovable... He was truly a "gift" in my life :)

Kitties are just so AMAZING furry creature.... aren't they?????


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  1. Oh Austin was just an adorable little guy! And those are great collars you made for him. He is very handsome in them!

  2. Very pretty collars. He looks so sweet.

  3. Austin was such a cute little cat and I can
    see why he was so close to your heart! ♥

  4. Austin was so sweet, and I love his collars! Thanks for visiting my babies today.

  5. When you are loved by an cat, you are forever loved:) (cool collars)

  6. Love the collars. You're very talented!

  7. Those photos of Austin made my heart melt. What a love.

  8. He was so beautiful. Such a precious little kitty. I am so sorry his life was so short. It is a blessing that you have so many good memories of him.
    He will forever be in your heart.


  9. Hi All :)
    Thanks for lovely comments about Austin.

    He will be in my heart forever for sure, but I'm just so happy that at least everybody visiting here today would know about Austin a little bit...

    Love and Purrrrrr :) Hoshi

  10. How cute he was ! I also get a little sad when I see pictures from Max and Piccola, they were real special cats. For Rosie when she was a baby I just bought pony tail hairbands, that just fitted around her neck, lol !

  11. Those little collars are so cute. I can tell that Austin loved them.

  12. Great ideas for cat collars. Austin was so handsome in his!

  13. Hi Gattina,
    Hairbands! That's actually really a good idea!

    Hi Bruce,Daisy,wildcatwoodscats and One Cats Nip,
    Thanks for visiting!! Glad like little kitten collars for Austin :)

  14. Austin is precious and his collars wonderful!


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