Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I Love About Amanda

When we adopted Amanda last year, I actually did google search to look for, "what kind breed is Amanda??".
Then, I found out that she is a "Classic Tabby Cat".

I love her "M" mark on her forehead, beautiful big sparkling green eyes, little cute brown nose and her white mustache.

I love her gorgeous classic tabby's bulls eye pattern on her sides, and cute stripes pants.....

I also love her "watermelon" like stripes on her back.....

I even love her loooooong fluffy belly and short legs too........ :)

There's so many cute things that I love her about.....
What do you like the best about your kitties????

So... for those who enjoyed Amanda's BIG YAWNs....
Here's some more shots :)


Thank you for visiting me and Amanda!! Come back again!!



  1. I love these pictures of her! Like Amanda, Lucy's nose is pink like a pencil eraser outlined in black. I really like the way you described Amanda. Tabby markings really are wonderful.

    I enjoyed seeing some extra yawning shots. What's even cuter is that she seems to be wearing a different outfit in every shot!

  2. Amanda is so sweet, looks like a model!I think she loves posing for your camera and she is very photogenic!
    purrs and love

  3. She's a cutie all right. Nice tocks too!

  4. Yep, Amanda is certainly a classic tabby...and I know...tabbys rule, right Amanda!!!

  5. I'm thankful I'm a tabby too Amanda. We are rather beautiful...aren't we!
    your pal,

  6. It would be hard to love cats and NOT love tabby cats, as there are SO many of us!

    Gracie is also a classic tabby, with a clear "M" on her forehead. It surprises many that Gandalf is also a tabby, as his tabby sripes and "M" disappeared as he grew out of kittenhood. He looks quite a bit like a Russian Blue, but he is tabby through and through.

  7. Amanda your little short back legs are so cute!! Those are some great pictures of you yawning. I love the picture of you trying to look out the window. You are just a precious kitty.


  8. Kitty Purrs are my favorite thing and also watching a kitten grow up into a sweet loving cat!
    Amanda's markings are sooooo pretty! She looks
    like a gray colored version on my dear sweet Nelly! Happy COT! :)

  9. Amanda, you are a very beautiful "classic tabby"
    How cute is that little M. Lovely pictures!

  10. Amanda is a very beautiful girl! And we love her little M!

    Lets see, what is best about my kitties - there are so many things, but I will name one for each cat

    Kirzon - I love how is 2 front, top teeth stick out all the time
    Lola - I love her pretty peachy colored spots
    Virgil - I love how he walks when he carries his "da bird" around - he looks so proud
    Barney - I love his giant ears

    And pretty much eveything else about all of them too!

  11. Hi Lucy the Cat,
    I like how you describe your Lucy's nose... :) Pink nose is always lovely like cotton candy!

    Hi We love Luna,
    Yap! I believe Amanda believes herself as a top model :)

    Hi katztales,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and sweet comments!

    Hi Brian and Bruce,
    YAP YAP!! Tabby is the BEST!!

    Hi Gandalf, Grayson, Whitey and Gracie,
    That's right! Who doesn't like tabby?!?!
    It is very interesting that your Gandalf's(great name!!) M disappeared.. but I bet he is still a sexy kitty!

  12. Hi Iris,
    Thank you for your sweet message. I always enjoy exchanging comments with you. I do love her short legs too... :)

    Hi Luna, Luzie and Olli,
    Thanks for your comments. I think Amanda has a very clear "M" mark.. I always think it is actually stands for "Milk" since she does love her milk too much!

    You are SO TRUE!! Kitty purrs are wonderful too!!!!!

    Hi Amy and The House of Cats,
    Thanks for telling me your favorites parts of each kitties :)
    Sounds very precious kitties!! Yeah,,, there s just so many things that we do love about kitties, right?!?!


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