Thursday, January 28, 2010

Romantic Rose Cape

Here is my latest cat fashion that I made for Amanda.
Romantic kitty in Romantic Cape :)

I've always loved Victorian and Rococo style....
Very romantic....lots of beautiful laces, floral printed, velvet, roses, detailed, and the colors...

I love to watch classic movies with gorgeous dresses and old castles, princess, balls...


Unfortunately, I don't really own any Victorian or Rococo style dresses, castles or fanitures for myself...
One of my dream was to live in a BIG Victorian style house in San Francisco... though :)

A top model in the spot lights.....

I can still make romantic dresses for my Princess Amanda :)



  1. Amanda, you are a most patient and cute model!

  2. You are both amazing - your dresses and that Amanda is a great model for them!

  3. I agree with the commentors about Amanda being a great model. My mama is jealous because I do not like to model or have my picture taken at all. Anyway, you look so pretty in this cape. Both pictures are just adorable.

    Tomorrow we will have an award for you and your mom on our blog.

  4. Hoshi, you are so clever! What a beautiful fashion. Amanda looks so elegant wearing it:)

    We enjoyed your pictures of Austin yesterday. He was a very handsome little boy.

  5. That is a beautiful romantic cape and you are very very talented!

  6. It's adorable. sweet little Amanda in her cape.
    I think Amanda is very good about modeling her fashions. Her mama is a great seamstress.

    You asked if I make Ruby and Pearlenes dresses, no I am sorry to say I am not that talented. I bouht them at PetSmart. Most time I get their clothes at PetCo.

    Have a great weekend, and give Amanda kisses from me.


  7. Hello, we came from Cindy's House with Two Cats. Nice to meet you. Amanda you look so beautiful in your cape.

  8. ** Hi Brian, wildcatwoodscats,
    She is a very good model, and sure she is very patient too! I'm so lucky to have a kitty like her :)

    ** Hi Lucy the Cat,
    Thank you so much for passing me a wonderful award!!

    ** Hi Forever Foster,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm happy to hear that you liked Austin's pictures too! He was very cute little furry boy :)

    ** Hi Parker, Bruce, JB, One Cats Nip,
    She is a romantic girl, so she suits in romantic cape too! Thanks for your comments always :)

  9. ** Hi Iris,
    It seems like Amanda is getting better and better at modeling lately :) Very patient too!

    I think you picked the most pretty dress for Pearlenes, very cute in that dress and I really liked the ribbon around the neck. How cute!

    Have a lovely weekend too! I sure will give Amanda a BIG KISS from you! Thanks :)

    ** Hi Catline Crew,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)
    Nice to meet you too!!


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