Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nick Name is "Panda".

My name is Amanda, but my mom calls me "Panda".
I don't know why.....

When I first met Amanda, she already has her name, "Amanda".
I thought it's very cute name and suit her so much. So I just decided to keep her name.
Sometimes I call her "Panda" as her nick name :)
I can't remember when I started..... but it sounds just cute like her.
She is very cuddly, snugly and fluffy, just like a panda bear :)

Do you call your kitties with their nick names??



  1. We think panda is a great name - pandas look cute and cuddly! All my kitties have nicknames - usually a variation on their names (Kirzy, Barnacle, V, and Lo, for example). Technically Lola is a nickname because Lola was Lolita, but then Lola just stuck, and it works much better if you have to tell them to stop doing something (Lola No is much shorter and quicker).

  2. Yep nicknames have always been a major thing for me, tygana has too many to count though haha

  3. Hello Hoshi and Amanda! Thanks for visiting us today and for following our blog. We have nicknames too. Busby is sometimes called "Bluey" because his eyes are so blue. I am sometimes called "Sleeky Shrimp" because I am sleek and because I am smaller than Busby. We like Panda, that is a good nickname for Amanda. Purrs! Raymond

  4. Panda is a very cute nick name, we like it lots!!!

  5. We love the nickname Panda! We all have a lot of nicknames!

  6. We got lots of nicknames! Wally is called Dubbaya, Zoey is the Little Princess and I'm Easy E!!

    We like your nickname, Panda!!


  7. My name is Lucy but I get called Gooey, Grandma, Midge and many others. They're crazy here.

    Amanda, I think Panda is a very cute nickname for you.


  8. pretty kitty and a cute nick name. I'm usually into nicknames. I have 2 cats now, and I don't think there really are any other names for them. I'll have to think some up.

  9. It is a cute nickname. Yes I do have nicknames for mine. Peanut is sometimes called P-Nutty, Marshkmellow sometimes goes by Marshie, Ruby goes by Ruby-do, Pearlene once in a while I call here Pearlie.


  10. Panda is acute name for her. I call Charlie Chuck sometimes, (stupid dog sometimes I'm afraid), Rosie is the Princess, and Henry I call Hen or Henri as in French.

  11. Hiya guys! Thanx for coming to visit us! We LOVE new furriends! You're extremely kyute, Panda, oops, we mean, Amanda! Teeheehee Mom has TONS of nicknames for us...
    Skeeter...Mama, Skeeter~Ba~Deeter
    King...FatBoy, KingKong
    Pandora...Pink~Nose, LadyBug
    Cricket...Little, Little Monkey

  12. ** Hi Amy and The House of Cats,
    Yes,,, I think "Panda" is just easier for me to call too!! Thanks for sharing cute nicknames :)

    ** Hi One Cats Nip,
    Wow, so many nicknames!! Lucky you!!

    ** Hi Busby and Raymond,
    Thanks for visiting me too! I do like your nickname "Sleeky Shrimp"!! I think it sounds cutie:)

    ** Hi Bruce,
    I think Amanda likes her nickname too! Because she is a panda bear!!

    ** Hi The Creek Cats,
    Wow, lucky you guys to have so many nicknames!!!
    Thanks for visiting me :)

  13. ** Hi Ernie,
    What a cute nicknames you guys have!! So, Zoey is the Little Princess... That makes alot of sense!!!

    ** Hi Lucy,
    Your nickname is "Grandma"?!?!!?!? you dont look like,,, Grandma!! Amanda should be Grandma by now too... :)

    ** Hi Splendid Little Stars,
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Nicknames are cute and sometimes crazy!! but it's kind fun to use it :)

    ** Hi Iris,
    Thanks for sharing :)
    I like "P-Nutty"!! That sounds really cute!!!

    ** Hi Cindy,
    Wow, Henry got his nickname in French!! How COOL!! Thanks for sharing with me :)

    ** Hi The Kool~Kittie~Krew,
    Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    Oh my, you guys have so many COOL nicknames!!
    Lucky you!

  14. We all have our nicknames - Mom adds ee or doo on to our names. Ivy is Ivy doo, Chica is Cheekee - you get the picture!


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