Friday, January 8, 2010

Amy Butler's kitty tunnel

As soon as I saw the recipe of Amy Bulter's kitty tunnel, I promised myself that,
"I'm going to make this tunnel for my kitty!!!"

I was just daydreaming of the cutest picture of Amanda, snuggling inside of her kitty tunnel, sticking out her cute face from the tunnel ...


So, this is how Amanda likes to spend her time with the tunnel....

Yeah,,, sure,,, cute......

Somehow, she never learn the proper way to use the tunnel, even I tried to show her and put her inside... she wouldn't want to stay in.
The inner side of the tunnel is fake fur, so it should be very comfy and warm, especially in winter season.
Amanda just doesn't really want to be inside of the tunnel.

I wonder why???

Yet, she love to sit on top of the tunnel.....

I just hope....
she will figure out someday that this is actually a "Kitty Tunnel",
not a "FUTON"!!!


  1. Hello new friends, thanks for stopping by and visiting with me. Hey Amanda, looks like we could be family!

  2. Just give Amanda time to get used to it. Cats do easily get bored with one thing that do not interest them. Maybe she thinks she is too old for that tunnel. I have one for the kitties. And they were really fun to watch as they satisfied their curiosity with the tunnel.

  3. One thing I love and hate about cats is you can't tell them what to do. I bought mine a cat bed, which NONE of them have ever used. Also, my new baby in September turned out to be a counter hugger; now he has others doing it as well.


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