Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cats on Tuseday - Prototype Dresses


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Here I am, this is my 2nd. week of "Cats on Tuesday"!!!!
Thank you all for visiting my blog last Tuesday :)

This is actually my first dress that I ever made for Amanda about couple months ago.
I thought it came out just okay, and I liked the fabric.
But Amanda wasn't quite comfortable to wear this dress.
You can see it from her face... she doesn't like it at all.....
The problem was,,,, I made this dress with using the dog costume pattern, and it would wrapped around her body and her chest wholly.
Plus,, it does look so baggy....

So, I had to modify the pattern to fit better, and something less stress for Amanda.

Prototype 1 - Red Rose Dress

back style - with big red ribbon

I eliminated the part wraps around the chest to make it more flexible and comfortable, just fastens at neck and belly with velcro.
But....too loose around the neck this time.
Oh No,,, I didn't get the size right this time again.... 

Prototype 2- Green Polka-Dot Dress


After this green dress, I made a yellow polka-dot dress for her, and it came out just perfect!!
Finally..... :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Those dresses are the cutest! Love the fabric patterns. Amanda looks precious wearing them!

  2. Love the polka-dots...do them come in tuna flavor?

  3. Oh my gosh, these dresses are making me wish I had a girl cat. They are so cute!! Amanda is such a sweetie to be so cooperative in trying them on while you adjust the size.

    I do dress my chihuahuas and it is fun.

    I will say again I just love your blog, and I predict you are going to have many followers.


  4. I LOve your red roses dress
    you are looking so beautiful :-)
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  5. You are a great seamstress! I like the bows and the lace trim.

  6. These dresses are cute. They looks beautiful. I love both colors.

  7. Lovely dresses! I can't believe she is wearing them. How long do they stay on?

  8. Au and Target are shuddering at the thought of being dressed - but they're tough mancats! Amanda looks pretty in polka dots.

  9. Oh, these are so cute! I love polkadots! Amanda looks soooo pretty, and the green matches her eyes!

  10. Oooh you look so lovely in that floral printed dress!

  11. Poor Amanda ! what a good cat and she looks so cute in this dress, but I think she prefers her fur coat, lol ! I couldn't even try that on one of my cats, they would get very upset and hiss me away !

  12. Hi All,
    Thank you so much for vising today, I was so thrilled to read wonderful comments from all you guys!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
    Sorry for not being able to reply to each of you, but I really enjoyed reading each comments :)
    Pleas come visit me and Amanda again soon!

    ** Brian,
    Tuna flavor!! What a great idea!!

    ** Iris,
    It's very generous to say that :) Thanks!

    ** Cindy,
    Thank you for visiting my blog :)
    Answer to you question, Amanda usually does not wear her dresses for long time, maybe 10 min. max. just long enough for me to take nice pictures. I do love to see her in cute dresses, but at the same time, I do believe that she should not be in clothes for a long time. Amanda is very easy-going and most of the time, she doesn't mind wearing them for a while, but she needs to gloom herself :)

  13. Oh my goodness! You made those dresses!? They are beautiful. You are a very good seamstress, and Amanda is a wonderful model:)

  14. what a LOVELY dress! Mom loves it! " mommeh, dun git any funneh ideas..." -tesla

  15. Oh I hear polka dots will be big for Spring and
    Summer for fashion! ha ha These dresses are so
    cute, but I am very lucky my cats will stay in a
    hat for a few seconds, not so sure about a dress?!
    Have a happy day! :)

  16. Purrs to Hoshi and Amanda for thier lovely dress
    modeling too!

  17. You look lovely in your dresses Amanda!


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