Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amanda Fishing....

I think that is "Amanda the Kitty" over there on the chair....
I heard she is one of very very rare kind of kitty!!!
Let's see.... if I can catch her!!!

puuuurrrrr meee???

hey, Amanda the kitty....???
wanna play with this stick??


Friday, February 26, 2010

Cats in Japan - A Poster Girl Kitty

I went to the lovely temple called Shibamata-Taishakuten in Tokyo yesterday.
Shibamata-Taishakuten was said to be founded by Nichiei Jonin, in 17 century Edo era.
Tale goes that Jonin decided to start living there as he found splendid water flowing out near the foot of a great pine tree. Ever since he brought about the temple, the water has been loved by local residents who bless their health.

As walking down the front approach to the temple, I met a lovely kitty sitting in front of the gift shop.
I said "hello" to the kitty and asked her if it's okay to pet her.
She didn't say anything, but I just assumed she woudln't mind...
A lady at the gift shop told me Mie just loves to sit there and enjoy people watch everyday...
She is sure the poster girl of this gift store! She was very calm and gentle :)

"Mie" the Poster Kitty

Mie's gift shop was selling so many different kinds of welcoming cats!!! (if you never heard about welcoming cats, click HERE for more details!)
I bought a new welcoming cat from Mie... I have actually added few more welcoming cats to my collection, so I will introduce my new welcoming cats some another time :)

Welcoming cats party!!

the front approach - can you find"Mie"?
front of the temple - what a lovely day!!!
Then, we had a little tea break at the Japanese garden.
It was a very quiet, peaceful and warm day :)

Have a lovely weekend!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amanda's Pressed Flower Collage

My mother is a pressed flower artist, and has been teaching for the past decade or so in Tokyo.
This is what my mother made for me recently.

Pink Amanda with red ribbon, holding a big red roses bouquet :)

Thank you for making this special work for me and Amanda, mom!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cinnamon's New Flower Collar

I made a new collar for my sister's kitty Cinnamon.
Her new collar was made of tyrolean style ribbon in white and pink with red flower design, and I put a red bell on it.

Cinnamon doesn't really like me so much.... but she was extra nice to me today! Though, when I tried to pet her back, she was quite upset... :(
But I think Cinnamon is pretty cute in red flower collar :)

Cinnamon is taking a few gulps of water....

I'm thinking about making the same style collar for Amanda too!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cats on Tuesday - Couch Potato

Amanda is enjoying her relaxing time sitting in the box, on the couch, with her dad :)

What do you see, Panda???


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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cats in Japan - Cat Cafe

A Cat Cafe is a theme cafe, where you can actually play with kitties, over drinking tasty coffee or even have real meals.
I guess this sort of cafes are quite popular in Tokyo area, because many apartments are not allowed to have pets, and also simply, cats can provide you relaxing companionship for those have very busy stressful days and lonely urban life.

I've been always curious about cat cafes, and I went to the one called "Neko no Te"(Kitty's Paw in Japanese) today, finally!!

As soon as I walked into the cafe, a pretty kitty in pink dress welcomed me :)

"Hello, kitties!!!"

A cover fee was about $12 for 90min, a coffee and small snacks were included for this fee.
I thought 90min would be plenty time for me to play and watch kitties, but it went very quick!!!!!

Amanda like classic tabby kitty- Very playful and energetic!

This kitty was my most favorite one, she was very gentle, and I especially liked her beautiful black nose, and how she curled up her tail around her paws :)

A munchkin kitty - Wow, short legs!!
I really enjoyed this cafe....
Not just only being able to play with furry kitties, but also the fact that this cafe(or most of cat cafes) also seek to raise awareness of cat welfare issues, such like, they organize cat adoptions periodically for unwanted, abandoned and stray cats.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oops, Amanda!!

I bet most of cats owners are experiencing the same problem that I have....... which is....
It's kind tough to take super cute and lovely photos of kitties!!!
Isn't it?!?!?!
Except heir nappy time, they are just too busy to grooming, or just constantly moving around!

I think Amanda is quite photogenic :)
But... sometimes I get to see other side of Amanda..... yeah, the evil side of Amanda, the dark side of Amanda.... like these....

Hey, mommy! That's private!!!

I know... I know.. Amanda, you are still my super model!

Have a lovely weekend, my friends :)


Friday, February 19, 2010

Cats in Japan - Japanese Aflac Cat

Ever since I came to Japan, I just keep seeing this cute welcoming kitty commercial from Aflac.
A super cute white kitty and a duck dance together to a delightful little ditty in this Japanese Aflac commercial :)

Aflac kitty

Yeah, you still get to see a little eccentric duck running around and screaming "AAAFLAC" in the U.S., but something more cute and adorable thing would happen in this commercial :)

Trust me!
Just spare your 30 second to watch this video now!

A kitty screamed "MEOW-FLAC!!!!" in sort of Japanese at the end.
That's my favorite part!!!!
Isn't it cute, or what?!?!

....forgetting someone furry cute...??
Hey, Panda! No sitting on the printer!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cats in Japan - Kitties in the Park

I went to the museum at Ueno Park the other day.

It was kind cold gloomy day, but Ueno Park is one of my favorite park since I was a little girl, as my parents used to take me there so many times...
Spring is the best season to visit to this park since the cherry blossoms would be blooming beautifully :)

I enjoyed my museum visit, but I was so excited to see many kitties at the park too!
I guess some might be stray kitties, but I also saw some kitties with collars...

This little kitty had a collar on with big big bell on it, and was sort of welcoming me(???) from the wall..
She(he?!) was just sitting up on the wall, just stayed there, and staring at me.

Why are you looking at me?!?!

Then... I met these two kitties at the little square in the park. I found the black kitty first and was trying to take a picture of her(him??). Then the big tabby showed up!
Those two kitties were so cute together :)
It even seemed like the big tabby was protecting a little black kitty from bad human...?!?!

Who are you? You don't smell like fish??
I'm a big honcho......
It was quite nice to meet kitties after days of no-kitty-life....
But... I just kept hoping that all of those kitties out the street would have nice toasty home to sleep and snuggle with lots of love at cold winter nights.....


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amanda Applique

I haven't got crafty so much past couple weeks since I arrived to Japan........ :(
I went to a craft store in my town, and spent almost three hours(!!)there today!!
Wow!! How did I do that?!?!
I just kept find super cute fabrics and ribbons, and couldn't help looking around...
I bought couple Japanese style fabric that I would love to make Amanda's new dresses sometime!

Since I don't have my exclusive super model Amanda around me to try my new dresses on, so I made an "Amanda applique" today :)

purrr me??

I just made a quick, easy and simple felt applique, and I think this applique turned out so cute just like real Amanda girl :)

I'm thinking of making a little purse with this Amanda applique, and giving to my niece.
I hope she will like it!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cats On Tuseday - Kitty Torpedo

Sparkling Amanda's green eyes are very beautiful, but sometimes those get a little scary..... :)

lazer... lazer....



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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Chopin......

It has been almost 2 weeks since I came back to Japan, and I have been enjoying very much my time here :)

But something is missing...
The very precious and loving one is missing........ and...
I miss her so much....

Chopin was my family dog.
We named her "Chopin" from one of famous composer, Frederic Chopin.
I recall that... back that time we got Chopin, the dog movie called "Beethoven" was quite popular and we just got an idea to name her after one famous composer, like Chopin.
Plus... it sounded pretty cute and suited her.... :)

Chopin was a mixed of Japanese Shiba-inu and German Shepherd dog.
She was a medium sized dog but I think you can still see the German Shepherd breeds from her big pointed ears and nozzle.
AND... I have to say that...... Chopin wasn't that smart dog.....
BUT she was the most loving dog.

She was always there for me when I was very sad and down....
Even it was very late night and she was sleeping nicely, she would always wake up and welcomed me back home at the front door.... with her fluffy tail wagging.
No matter what, she would always loved me and trusted me..... it was... unconditional...

I miss her so much.

Although she had a very long happy doggy life, 16 years!!, it is still very hard for me to accept her absence...

bow wow wow...

Chopin decided to go cross the rainbow bridge on August 17, 2009....
exactly on the same date from one year later that my little Austin left us...
I know Chopin is in the better place now for sure....
I bet my little Austin would be there with Chopin and having fun together up there...

I miss your fluffy hugs and cold wet nose... Chopin...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day From Amanda

Hello, my friends. This is Amanda.
I've been home all by myself for a LONG TIME, but today my dad came back home finally!!!!
I'm so happy that I got extra extra tasty milk, big grooming, and loving belly rub from my dad as Valentine's day gift :)
I just can't help purrrrrrrrring right now!!!!

My dad looks very very tired and sleepy head, so I think I will let him to take a napy for a little while, and I think I will join him too!

Happy Furry Valentine's Day!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amanda Boots Up

Amanda is sitting on her favorite window...
Let's see.... How she is doing up there...

Hello?? Amanda??

What's going on?!?!


Kitty stretchhhhhh

Milk time????

Your Dad is now on the way back to home....
Just be patient for a little more time, then you will have whole a lot of milk soon :)


Friday, February 12, 2010

Cats in Japan - Cinnamon the Cat

This is Cinnamon.
Cinnamon is my sister's kitty.
She was born in Chicago, and I believe that her mother's name was Cinderella.
My sister and Cinnamon spent few years in Chicago, and then they came back to Japan.
So I guess..... Cinnamon could speak English, Japanese, and Cats fluently... :)

meow? me??

Cinnamon is very fluffy big lady, and is very much like "princess" kitty, just like any other kitties...
Bad news is.... somehow.... she doesn't really like me so much....
I've been trying very hard to be a friend with her for past decade, but I've only getting big "kitty punches" by return...

you may pet me......

I haven't visited to Cinnamon ye....
I need to visit her, say hello, and try to give her a big hug... if she would let me.... :)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Tabby Times Headers!!!!

You may have already noticed, but I have recently changed my "Tabby Times" header :)

A very nice friends, Maggy, Zoey, and their human friend Ann at Zoolatry are SO generous enough to offer me and Amanda to make super cute banner/header!!

They worked on 3 different kinds(wow!!), and they are all looking super super cute!!!
I think especially the green one really matches to Amanda's beautiful green eyes, and looks just so lovely :)
But... I love them all!!!

The Zoolatry Girls,
Again, Thank you so much for making such a lovely headers for us!!
Amanda looks very cute in her new headers :)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Monkeys

Hello my friends!!
I'm sorry that I was not able to post my blog for past couple days....

Guess where I was visiting to..... ?!?!?!?!?!?!

I went to see "Snow Monkeys" !!!!
Snow monkey is wild Japanese Macaques, and a terrestrial old world monkey species native to Japan.
They have become notable for their winter visits to the spa at Jigokudani Monkey Park.
HERE, is the official website of Snow Monkey Park.


I was very amazed that those monkeys are so friendly and are not scared with human at all!
They would just walk around right in front of you, and even stared at your face.
Oh,, one of monkeys actually pulled my husband's sleeves to get an attention too!!
I almost wanted to hug them so bad!!
I thought monkeys are so funny to watch, and got very rich facial expressions...
We spent almost 4 hours at the park, taking pictures and just watching the "monkey drama".

Oh,,, sorry my furry friends to tell you this... but.....
"NO CATS" are allowed at the monkey park... :(
It' is for your safety,, my kitty friends.
Because those fluffy monkeys could get pretty aggressive if they want to!!

So... when you are coming back....???


Friday, February 5, 2010

Cats in Japan - Tama the Station Master

"Tama" is one of super idol kitty in Japan, and very popular.
Tama was selected as station master at Kishi Station in Japan in 2007.

Tama the Station Master

As station master, her primary duty is to greet passengers.
The position comes with a cool stationmaster's hat, instead of a salary the railway provides Tama with free cat food!!!
Wow, what a wonderful job!

You may find out more detail information from Wikipedia, please click, HERE.

I think I'm cuter..... though

I wonder I should start paying a salary to Amanda for her modeling job....


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello From Japan

First things first , I would like to thank all of you for very kind comments on my previous post:)
I'm sorry that I was not able to reply back to each of comments, but I really enjoyed reading each comments, and I really appreciate warm thoughtful messages for me :)
Thank you!!

I made it very safely to Japan last night!!


I'm still very very exhausted from my 12 hours flight, and suffering with my jet lag.. but it's nice to be back home :)

This post will be very quick and short, but I would like to introduce you our family's watch"cat", Gon, today :)

Welcome back home, Hoshi!!
Gon has been always sitting by the front door, gurding and welcoming back me and my family all the time.
And of course, welcoming our guests too. :)
He is definitely a very hard worker, 24/7.
I love his big smile too!!!

Amanda sounds missing us....... I miss her too :(
9 more days to go, Amanda!