Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Tabby Times Headers!!!!

You may have already noticed, but I have recently changed my "Tabby Times" header :)

A very nice friends, Maggy, Zoey, and their human friend Ann at Zoolatry are SO generous enough to offer me and Amanda to make super cute banner/header!!

They worked on 3 different kinds(wow!!), and they are all looking super super cute!!!
I think especially the green one really matches to Amanda's beautiful green eyes, and looks just so lovely :)
But... I love them all!!!

The Zoolatry Girls,
Again, Thank you so much for making such a lovely headers for us!!
Amanda looks very cute in her new headers :)



  1. Great new header! Hope you are enjoying your visit with your family Hoshi.

  2. Yes, all three are so pretty. Maybe you could keep the other two, and once it's been some time, you could redecorate. I wish I knew how to do banners like these.

  3. Oh those are all so pretty!!!!! The ZH and maggy and zoey are all super nice!

  4. Your new header is beautiful Amanda!!! We just love Ann and the Zoolatry crew too!

  5. We love your new header!! Zoolatry does such a good job!


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