Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cats in Japan - Kitties in the Park

I went to the museum at Ueno Park the other day.

It was kind cold gloomy day, but Ueno Park is one of my favorite park since I was a little girl, as my parents used to take me there so many times...
Spring is the best season to visit to this park since the cherry blossoms would be blooming beautifully :)

I enjoyed my museum visit, but I was so excited to see many kitties at the park too!
I guess some might be stray kitties, but I also saw some kitties with collars...

This little kitty had a collar on with big big bell on it, and was sort of welcoming me(???) from the wall..
She(he?!) was just sitting up on the wall, just stayed there, and staring at me.

Why are you looking at me?!?!

Then... I met these two kitties at the little square in the park. I found the black kitty first and was trying to take a picture of her(him??). Then the big tabby showed up!
Those two kitties were so cute together :)
It even seemed like the big tabby was protecting a little black kitty from bad human...?!?!

Who are you? You don't smell like fish??
I'm a big honcho......
It was quite nice to meet kitties after days of no-kitty-life....
But... I just kept hoping that all of those kitties out the street would have nice toasty home to sleep and snuggle with lots of love at cold winter nights.....



  1. Hi Hoshi,
    Love your pics of the Japaense kitties. I think the same way as you. I always worry about the kitties I see outside.

  2. Oh those ar cute kitties. I am like you - I wish they had nice homes too. Maybe some of them do go home at night, and just like to visit the park during the day.

  3. Thanks for taking pictures during your trip. We worry about all outdoor kitties. We think all cats should live inside the house. xoxo

  4. Ohh what cuties but yeah again..hope they have a good place to go back to after all their exploring

  5. LOVE the kittie of Japan! And that sure is one B~I~G tabby!

  6. Great pictures! I'm sure the kitties were just as happy to see a nice face as you were to see them! :)

  7. Great pictures! I love the Honcho!

  8. They were equally glad to see you too no doubt!

  9. Very cute cat pictures in the park.

  10. At least they don't look skinny ! That's already a good sign. 3 colored cats are ALWAYS females, that's the only thing I know for sure, lol!

  11. These kitties look well fed. Love that "what are you doing here?" look of that big guy's face. Lovely pictures.

  12. Hello Hoshi and Amanda!
    Finally mommy and dad had returned here from their trip.I'm happy that mommy can help me now to blog.Also happy to know the news here!
    Those friends are really cute, thanks for sharing their pictures!
    Enjoy your weekend
    [purrs and love

  13. Hello Everyone, from Japan!
    Thank you so much for nice comments! I'm sorry that I haven't able to reply back to all your comments for past couple weeks, but I really did enjoy reading all comments! and made me very smile! Thanks for visiting me and Amanda as usual!!

    ** Lucy the Cat,
    Seems like I see more kitties outside here in Japan..But they are usually very well fed :)

    ** Amy and The House of Cats,
    Maybe you are right!! They are just out to the park to explore!!

    ** Busby and Raymond,
    Right...I'm with you, I always wish everyone should just keep their kitties only inside!!

    ** The Creek Cats,
    I will update more kitties that I met here again soon!!

    ** One Cats Nip,
    I know...they are just too cute to stay outside!

    ** The Kool~Kittie~Krew,
    Yeah!! He was very HUGE, but nice looking cat!

    ** Your Daily Cute,
    Thanks! They are quite looking happy kitties!

    ** Cindy,
    Yes, I did like the big honcho too! He was looking very tough yet cool!

    ** Brian,
    I wish they would let me pet them...I need a quality furry friends time!

    ** Catline Crew,
    Thanks! It was very lovely time in the park :)

    ** Gattina,
    That's right, they are all looking quite healthy and well fed :) wow, I didnt know that 3 colors kitties are all female!! Interesting!

    ** The Chair Speaks,
    hahaha, right, I thought the same thing too! Their face expressions are very something :)

    ** We love Luna,
    Wow! Happy to hear that your mom and dad were now back home to give you lots of attentions!!

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



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