Sunday, January 31, 2010


Ninja Magic!!! 
Cloak of Invisibility!!!

You don't see me.....
Can you find Amanda????? :)


Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Year Ago......

Amanda was delivered at 9 in the morning of January 30th., last year... so which means...
Today is our "1st anniversary"!!


I'm just so happy that she is a very very healthy kitty....... no major health issues so far...
Thanks God... knocking on wood :)

Both pictures were actually taken by her previous foster mom, and were on petfinder, where I found her!!!
I posted the story about "Amanda" before, so if you are interested in our "Love Story", please click HERE.

my forever home??

Amanda, thank you so much for coming into my life, fulfilled my life, and brought me back laughs and smiles... :)
You are my NO.1 !!!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 101 Award

I want to thank my special friends at Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines, A House With Two Cats, and at Lucy's Cat Lounge who were all very kind enough to share this special award with me and Amanda.
We are both so excited!!

Thank you for thinking of us :)

1. Copy and paste award to your page.
2. List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one today.
3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

Okay... here's things that make me happy and content....

1. Spending precious time with family and friends(both human and furry friends)
2. Good health
3. Laugh and smile
4. Getting crafty!!!
5. Fresh air in the woods
6. Sounds of the rains, and smell of fresh green
7. Quiet peaceful night
8. Chocolates, chocolates and chocolates!!!
I don't believe the life without chocolates!
9. Big blue sky with puffy clouds, and big full moon night!
10. Being loved by the one I love so much :)
My beloved husband, and Amanda.....

Now the 10 bloggers we're going to pass this on to...

1. Brian's Home
2. Bruce's Paws
3. The Island Cats
4. Perfectly Parker
5. Gracie
6. We Love Luna
7. Prints of a Cat
10. One Cats Nip

Thanks for reading!!!
Hey, it's T.G.I.F!! Have fun, my friends :)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Romantic Rose Cape

Here is my latest cat fashion that I made for Amanda.
Romantic kitty in Romantic Cape :)

I've always loved Victorian and Rococo style....
Very romantic....lots of beautiful laces, floral printed, velvet, roses, detailed, and the colors...

I love to watch classic movies with gorgeous dresses and old castles, princess, balls...


Unfortunately, I don't really own any Victorian or Rococo style dresses, castles or fanitures for myself...
One of my dream was to live in a BIG Victorian style house in San Francisco... though :)

A top model in the spot lights.....

I can still make romantic dresses for my Princess Amanda :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nick Name is "Panda".

My name is Amanda, but my mom calls me "Panda".
I don't know why.....

When I first met Amanda, she already has her name, "Amanda".
I thought it's very cute name and suit her so much. So I just decided to keep her name.
Sometimes I call her "Panda" as her nick name :)
I can't remember when I started..... but it sounds just cute like her.
She is very cuddly, snugly and fluffy, just like a panda bear :)

Do you call your kitties with their nick names??


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cats on Tuseday - My First Cat Collars

My first cat goods that I have ever made was a cat collar for my first loving kitten, Austin.
He was way too skinny and mini, and nothing from pet stores would fit his tiny neck.
So I simply told myself that......
if there's nothing from the stores, so why not just made one by myself???

Weight me???
I made my first mini kitten collar for Austin, from a firm blue ribbon with Velcro, so that it would easily release him when I got stacked in something.

He was looking quite sexy with his blue collar :)

I made another one with my favorite polka-dot too :)

Now.... I feel....that was where I started making kitty goods...

My experience with Austin was,,, quite painful and I still get sad feelings when I see his pictures... But I also have so many beautiful memories with him, and he taught me so many life lessons....he was very brave and lovable... He was truly a "gift" in my life :)

Kitties are just so AMAZING furry creature.... aren't they?????


For more Cats on Tuesday, Please visit to Gattina.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Things I Love About Amanda

When we adopted Amanda last year, I actually did google search to look for, "what kind breed is Amanda??".
Then, I found out that she is a "Classic Tabby Cat".

I love her "M" mark on her forehead, beautiful big sparkling green eyes, little cute brown nose and her white mustache.

I love her gorgeous classic tabby's bulls eye pattern on her sides, and cute stripes pants.....

I also love her "watermelon" like stripes on her back.....

I even love her loooooong fluffy belly and short legs too........ :)

There's so many cute things that I love her about.....
What do you like the best about your kitties????

So... for those who enjoyed Amanda's BIG YAWNs....
Here's some more shots :)


Thank you for visiting me and Amanda!! Come back again!!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Yawn Kitty....

I sometimes worry....... that.....
Amanda might hurt her jaw, when she yawns......

BIG YAWN from a little kitty :)

I'm usually cutie, except when I'm sleepy..... see??


Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Coat for Sammie

This is my first dog coat made for my friend's doggy, Sammie.

She is a very pretty french bulldog as you can see, but due to the breed's build, she has difficulty regulating body temperature.
She can be extremely sensitive to cold.
When I heard this from my friend, I just wanted to make a warm dog coat for Sammie :)

I picked this pink fabric with skeleton motif because it's my friend's favorite design...

To make it warm and comfy, it's filled batting inside.

Back style, with pink laces around the neck and the bottom

My friend actually owns three dogs, including Sammie.
Yuki, the gorgeous white shepherd, and Ace, the pug and cavalier mix.

Since I had some left-over fabric, I made matching bandanas for three dogs, and a hair scrunchy for my friend.

Oh, my.... I'm getting SO into making pet clothing lately...
I always enjoy getting crafty, and making little cute things like that.
But I just also love to see my furry friends in dresses that I made... plus, just simply expanding my imagination and creativity to making clothes or cute anything for my furry friends :)
It's so fun.

Thanks for sending lovely pictures, my friend!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Mint Green Cherry Dress

Minty green color brings up Amanda's sparkling green eyes.....
Very beautiful :)

I went to my favorite fabric store the other day, not planning to buy anything, but I was so excited to find this super cute pastel color fabric!!!!!
It even got cherry printed!!
Since it has been very stormy and rainy for a whole week now, I thought I can use some lovely spring colors to cheer me up a little bit.......
Can't you feel the spring is almost here?!?!?!

Back style, lacy ruffled skirt with a big matching ribbon
Does your kitty sleep more and more in rainy days??
Amanda seems sleep more....
I usually give her favorite temptation treats after her modeling job, but today... she just wants to get back to her kitty nap,,,, she was still even in her dress!!!!

"Sleep is the best meditation....." by Dalai Lama...
Smart kitty knows smart things....

Have a happy weekend, everybody :)

Hoshi & Amanda

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amanda is Now With "The Naughty Kitty Club" !!

Amanda has just joined the greatest club called, "The Naughty Kitty Club", and now she is officially a "Naughty Kitty"!

This is the cool member badge =^..^=

I'm very very naughty kitty.....

Thank you Amy & the House of Cats!
Amanda looks very cute and naughty in the badge!!

It has been very stormy weather here in So.Cal, and still raining like "cats and cats"....


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Angel Kitty

Look alike.......???????

Amanda resting her chin on her cute paws.....


Does it kind look like angle wings the way how she put her paws under her chin...... ????

I always love something pink, lacy, flowers, polka-dots.... anything girly things, I love them!
I also love antique posters and postcards, like The John Grossman Collections.

Every time Amanda does that chin resting pose, I always though...

"She kinda looks like one of Angel from Grossman's card!!"

Sure she IS my angel though :)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cats on Tuseday - Prototype Dresses


For more Cats on Tuesday, Please visit to Gattina.

Here I am, this is my 2nd. week of "Cats on Tuesday"!!!!
Thank you all for visiting my blog last Tuesday :)

This is actually my first dress that I ever made for Amanda about couple months ago.
I thought it came out just okay, and I liked the fabric.
But Amanda wasn't quite comfortable to wear this dress.
You can see it from her face... she doesn't like it at all.....
The problem was,,,, I made this dress with using the dog costume pattern, and it would wrapped around her body and her chest wholly.
Plus,, it does look so baggy....

So, I had to modify the pattern to fit better, and something less stress for Amanda.

Prototype 1 - Red Rose Dress

back style - with big red ribbon

I eliminated the part wraps around the chest to make it more flexible and comfortable, just fastens at neck and belly with velcro.
But....too loose around the neck this time.
Oh No,,, I didn't get the size right this time again.... 

Prototype 2- Green Polka-Dot Dress


After this green dress, I made a yellow polka-dot dress for her, and it came out just perfect!!
Finally..... :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kitty's Coat Wonder

Line connecting the two inner corner of Amanda's eyes on the border, her hair in upper part is growing in the upward direction, and the bottom part is growing in the downward.

look at my nose.... carefully...

I'm not sure if you can see it clearly from this picture, since the head of the nose hair is fairly short, so the appearance may be a bit confusing.....(You kinda see the color is fairy different though...)

Just try to rub your kitty's nose gently with your finger, in the direction of the forehead from the nose.
Then, obviously you would feel it rubbing in the wrong direction.........

I always wondered.

"Why this part is only growing in a downward?"

I think I finally concluded to this question!!!!

It is because.........

It is better and advantageous when she smack.
If it grows upward, she might stuck her tongue.

That's it!!!!

Clever, right?

Happy MLK Day!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Welcoming Cat

"Welcoming Cat" is a small cat sculpture, that is believed bringing good luck to the owner in Japan. We actually call them "Manaki Neko" in Japanese. ("Neko"="Cat")
Here, you may find out more detail information from Wikipedia, if you are interested in :)

Here's some of my Welcoming Cat collections.


I was given this one from my father few years back ago, and I think this is almost just like the classic "Welcoming Cat" looks.
In welcoming cat design, a raised right paw supposedly attracts money, and a raised left paw attracts customers.
So... this one is raising his left paw, which means attracting customers.....
Huh...... maybe, in my case, I will be getting more kitty friends visiting to my blog????!!?!?!
Hip, hip, huurah!!

I don't even remember where this one is coming from.........
It's little tiny one, about only 2 inches tall.
Which paw is this one raising??

And I found this cute one from my last trip to Japan.
It is made of ceramic, has a very lovely decoration around the neck with traditional Japanese "Kimono" fabric, and even came with a small red pillow that it can sit on.
I would say, it is not quite a traditional welcoming cat style, which is usually with a beckoning paw. But instead of that, it is bowing.
I thought it's a very polite kitty :)

Of all above, this one is my VERY favorite "Welcoming Cat".
I got this special welcoming cat about a year ago.
Since then, I've been getting countless good luck!!!!!

Priceless!!!!! Sorry! Not for sale!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello, I'm Amanda.
I just realized that it will be soon "ONE year anniversary" since Amanda joined to my family, and to my life.

I think I would like to write a little bit about "How I met Amanda..." today. :)

It was the morning of January 30, 2009, when Amanda arrived here, her new "forever home", with her little goodies bag, which was included her favorite cute little pink mouse toy. Her foster mother from the Humane Society, was very kind enough to drive all the way down here to my house(about 20 miles drive), to deliver Amanda for me.

Amanda was found in the mountain as a stray.
At the time, she was pregnant.

Imean,,,,, VERY PREGNANT!!!!!!!

Amanda was living with her other litter mates, and very generous foster family for a year, after she gave birth to 5 kittens, and all were adopted out right away.

But Amanda.....

It was the end of October, 2008.
Me and my husband had a drive up to the mountain on one weekend, and that was where we met Amanda very first time.
When we first saw her, she was curling up and taking a kitty nap in the cage at the corner of the little cute store, something called like "dog bakery"....... yeah,,, a cute little kitty like her, was looking for her "forever home" at the dog bakery. : )

Soon we walked up to her cage, she woke up, stretched out, lay down on her back, showed her tummy, and welcomed us to pet her gorgeous furry belly!!!

I just fell in love with her right that moment.

Back at that time, we just lost our kitten Austin with FIP, he was only 5 months old...
He was such a brave kitten. He fought, fought, and fought, but he was not able to win his battle...
So, when we met Amanda, we were mentally not quite ready for welcoming a new fury family yet. But, it was so sure that meeting such a cute, loving, friendly kitty like Amanda that day, lifted me up so much.

Couple months later, it was early January of 2009, I was started feeling quite better, and we were then ready to look for a new kitty.

I was browsing Petfinder one night.
I was hoping to find a kitty like Amanda...... cute, loving, friendly, playful,,,, matured adult kitty...

Guess who did I find there??!?!?!?!?!


I was so thrilled and excited!!!! and the same time, I was very surprised that she hasn't found her forever home yet after couple months passed.

We welcomed Amanda as our new family couple weeks after from there.
I do feel,,,, Amanda was waiting for us to find her for long time, at the dog bakery.....

She has been showing me how joyful and wonderful to have furry family in my life again.....

puuurrrfect forever home....

Cherish your loved ones and your furry friends, everyday and ALWAYS :)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gather Bag

I made this gather bag for myself a little while back ago.
I just fell in love with this cute kitty printed fabric as soon as I saw it at the fabric store!!
I referred the recipe from here.(Sorry, it's only in Japanese..)

Now, I'm making another bag for my sister in Japan, and I might make a smaller version of this bag for my niece later too. Probably, with matching fabric as sister's bag :)
I thought it's kinda cute to have matching bags, for a mom and a girl...

here's quick peep, work is on process.......

So, maybe you are wondering ..... what's Amanda up to today?
Here she is!!!!

nappy sleepy toasty...... heavenly......

She has been loving and enjoying to take a kitty nap by the fire.
I love watching her laying down by the fire, get very toasted, and then she would walk up to the tiles to cool down.
I almost could hear "pfft" sounds with all steam coming out from her when she's cooling down, you know?
It's just like sauna!!