Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cats on Tuseday - Quilt and Kitty


I just joined a special cat lovers group, and today is my first posting of "Cats on Tuesday".
What is "Cats on Tuesday"???
You may check here, for more details.

Just right before the winter arrived, I made this blue quilt for Amanda.
Actually, it was my very first time to made a quilt.
So far, I haven't got any complains from my very important client, Amanda....
I guess she's still enjoying taking a nap on it.

toasty........ zzzzz

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  1. Hello and welcome to COT.
    Amanda is a beautiful cat and looks great on that quilt. Love the color and the cat fabric. You did a great job with sewing that.
    I´m still gathering fabric for a cat quilt. Maybe I can start sewing next time.

  2. Welcome to COT ! What a beautiful quilt, I think a beautiful cat earns a beautiful cover too, lol !

  3. Welcome dear friend,
    You are adorable and that quilt also lovely!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love LUNA

  4. Hello there Amanda, you look so cute on that quilt.

  5. Hi there and welcome to COT! You did a great job on the quilt and on the other cute items I saw in your other posts. Amanda sure is a pretty kitty. :) Glad you joined in and Happy Tuesday.

  6. Welcome to COT! :) You found really cute cat patterned material for your quilting squares!
    Amanda is lucky to enjoy your beautiful quilt.
    Meowzz Amanda from all of us!

  7. Lovely quilt with a pretty kitty reclining.

  8. Welcome to Cats on Tuesday, looking forward to following your posts about Amanda! Do you have any other kitties? I saw the picture of Austin and am sorry for your loss! Amanda is very special to get her very own quilt! :)

  9. It's a pretty quilt! And it looks just right for eating a little bunch of catnip bananers on!

  10. Amanda is a pretty name for a kitty. Welcome to COT; look forward to seeing more of Amanda.

  11. The blue quilt is beautiful. You have quite a talent, and I can tell Amanda loves it too.

    I loved the polka dot dress in your last post too. The last pic of Amanda, the back view, is so cute!!

  12. Amanda is beautiful and so is the quilt. It looks like she loves her new quilt.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will come again soon. Welcome to Cats On Tuesday.

  13. Welcome to COT! Amanda looks sweet - and comfy on that quilt. I see she has you well trained :p

    I blog Tuesdays and Fridays about cats. Drop by?

  14. Welcome - we all love the quilt for Amanda!

  15. Welcome to COT. Amanda looks happy and contented on the lovely quilt you made for her.

  16. Hi, everyone!
    Thank you so much for warm welcome with wonderful comments!

    "Cats on Tuesday" is such a great idea and fun club, and so happy to meet you all!!

  17. Hi, Irishcoda,

    Thank you for your kind message..... It was very tough time, but Amanda helped me a lot to get though hardness.
    Right now, Amanda is a only kitty, but maybe soon, she might have a new brother,, or sister!!

  18. Hi,katztales,

    Thanks for your comment! I will visit your blog and see your cats then!


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