Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bow Tie Blouse

My new pink blouse... meow...

I start really enjoying making little cute things for Amanda.
I feel like spending most of my time with my sewing machine.

I began to learn sewing when I was a very little girl, my mother showed me how.
Since then, I always love and enjoy hand crafting, and eventually I went to the magnet school in my high school years, specially to learn dressmaking and nutrition science.

I made a cute pink bow tie blouse for Amanda today.
She was quite happy enough to pose in front of camera : )


  1. So pretty! The lace trim is just the right touch. My Mommeh buys all of my stuff; lots of it we get from Build-a-Bear!

  2. Hi, Daisy,

    Thanks your comment! Build-a-Bear, such a great idea!


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