Monday, January 4, 2010

My first posting...

Happy New Year to everybody!

I've been ALWAYS meaning to start my blog,
but you know, things get busy, life gets crazy... as you get older..... maybe?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I know that is all my excuse to feel good about my laziness : (

But I thought it would be a perfect timing to make a fresh start as we just opened up a new year.

As of today, I'm starting my brand new blog, "Tabby Times", and I'd like to write about my hand making life and my loving furrrrly friend, Amanda.

I have to say this first that I'm not a good writer, and English is NOT my first language.
So, please excuse my misspelling and funny grammar!!


Nice to meet you, to my all new friends!

1 comment:

  1. Your English is purrfect and your grammar is tabby (very) fine, and I enjoy reading your writing.

    I would like to see some of your handcraft products. I have collection of junk like stamps, postcards and what else because I am not good at handcraft.

    There is one think I'd like to do but laziness will always take control, if not some other things.

    Please to meet you and Happy New Year Hoshi!


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