Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello, I'm Amanda.
I just realized that it will be soon "ONE year anniversary" since Amanda joined to my family, and to my life.

I think I would like to write a little bit about "How I met Amanda..." today. :)

It was the morning of January 30, 2009, when Amanda arrived here, her new "forever home", with her little goodies bag, which was included her favorite cute little pink mouse toy. Her foster mother from the Humane Society, was very kind enough to drive all the way down here to my house(about 20 miles drive), to deliver Amanda for me.

Amanda was found in the mountain as a stray.
At the time, she was pregnant.

Imean,,,,, VERY PREGNANT!!!!!!!

Amanda was living with her other litter mates, and very generous foster family for a year, after she gave birth to 5 kittens, and all were adopted out right away.

But Amanda.....

It was the end of October, 2008.
Me and my husband had a drive up to the mountain on one weekend, and that was where we met Amanda very first time.
When we first saw her, she was curling up and taking a kitty nap in the cage at the corner of the little cute store, something called like "dog bakery"....... yeah,,, a cute little kitty like her, was looking for her "forever home" at the dog bakery. : )

Soon we walked up to her cage, she woke up, stretched out, lay down on her back, showed her tummy, and welcomed us to pet her gorgeous furry belly!!!

I just fell in love with her right that moment.

Back at that time, we just lost our kitten Austin with FIP, he was only 5 months old...
He was such a brave kitten. He fought, fought, and fought, but he was not able to win his battle...
So, when we met Amanda, we were mentally not quite ready for welcoming a new fury family yet. But, it was so sure that meeting such a cute, loving, friendly kitty like Amanda that day, lifted me up so much.

Couple months later, it was early January of 2009, I was started feeling quite better, and we were then ready to look for a new kitty.

I was browsing Petfinder one night.
I was hoping to find a kitty like Amanda...... cute, loving, friendly, playful,,,, matured adult kitty...

Guess who did I find there??!?!?!?!?!


I was so thrilled and excited!!!! and the same time, I was very surprised that she hasn't found her forever home yet after couple months passed.

We welcomed Amanda as our new family couple weeks after from there.
I do feel,,,, Amanda was waiting for us to find her for long time, at the dog bakery.....

She has been showing me how joyful and wonderful to have furry family in my life again.....

puuurrrfect forever home....

Cherish your loved ones and your furry friends, everyday and ALWAYS :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. It was meant to be. Amanda and you. How wonderful that she has a forever home with you. She is very beautiful.

    I am sorry about Austin. He was so young. On the side bar of my blog I have a picture of Ya Ya Doodles. He wasn't quite three when he died of cancer.

    I enjoyed hearing the story of how Amanda came to be a part of your family. Thank you for telling it.


  2. Awww, what a lovely tail--ooops, that was a Freudian slip! I mean, tale. Amanda really is beautiful and she and Kosmo do look so much alike. Kosmo has Bengal mixed in--he has a thick dark stripe down his back. So sorry for the loss of Austin, that's very sad to lose a kitty so young. I'm so glad you were there for Amanda though. :)

  3. It definately sounds like Amanda was meant to be part of your family. She is very beautiful! :)

  4. This is a lovely story. I enjoyed reading about Amanda and you! She is a beautiful cat!
    I´m sorry to read about Austin. He was such a cutie!

  5. Amanda, your gotcha story is such a good one it sure made my whiskers grin up!

  6. That was a wonderful story - it was meant to be!

  7. What a wonderful story! Amanda is a cutie! We're glad she's part of your family now!

  8. ** Hi Iris,
    I'm very sorry to hear about your Ya Ya Doodles,,, I know it's very hard to lose at such a young age,,, but they are at better place now, free from all pains :)

    ** Hi Irishcoda,
    wow, Kosmo does look very much like Amanda! I'm guessing Amanda might have a breed from American short hair, she got very beautiful black stripes and bull's eye on her side :)

  9. ** Forever Foster, Bruce, Brian,Parker,Daisy, and The Island Cats,

    I'm also happy to share my little story with you guys!

    Thanks you all!

  10. So beautiful story and Amanda is adorable and sweet!
    Nice to meet you dear Amanda!
    purrs and love

  11. Awesome adoption storyy!!! Thats sooo cool it's like it was really meant to be!

  12. ** Hi Luna, One Cats Nip,
    Thanks for visiting me:)
    Yeah,, Amanda is very sweet, and so glad to have met her!


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