Friday, April 9, 2010

Pink Hat.....?

Hello, I'm Amanda.
I'm a cat.
My favorite thing is milk and play, play very hard!!

munch munch munch...... my paw... tasty...?

Oh, I think I like my mom too.
She is always busy making cute things for me and everyone, and seems like she enjoys dressing me up with what she made.
I feel like I'm a c celebrity!!!

She made this pink thing the other day.
I think it's a hat, but my mom was putting something inside of this pink thing...
Maybe she is hiding some temptations.......???

I need to figure out how to open this pink thing.

Have a lovely weekend, my fans :)


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cats on Tuseday - Welcome New Kitty?!?!?!

Who is that Amanda-like brown tabby behind Amanda the kitty????????????
It almost does look like Amanda...
Colors and marking are just like the same with green eyes...

This is actually a pillow that I made a little while ago.
I went to the fabric store the other day(as usual....), and I was so excited to find this cute fabric!
I really think this brown tabby on this fabric just has striking resemblance with Amanda!
It's like an "easy pillow making kits".
You would get a cat printed pattern on the fabric, and all you need to do to make a pillow is,
very easy!, cut the cat patterns from the fabric, then sew the pieces together, and plump with stuffing.

Its easy as 123!
A simple as Do Re Mi!

Here I've got a kitty pillow!

Alike as two peas in a pod??!!

I kind get little confused with this pillow as Amanda :)

Thanks for visiting us!!
Happy Cats on Tuesday!



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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I woke up this morning and found out that Amanda's ears are way too long as a kitty....
I thought my Amanda is a furry brown classic tabby cat.... until today....
She is ACTUALLY a "pink bunny"!!!

I'm a bunny!!!!

Have a wonderful Easter!!

Hoshi & Amanda

Friday, April 2, 2010

Felting with Amanda's fur

I guess Spring is the most season for cats to shed their fur......just like us taking off toasty furry winter coats to light spring cardigans....

While I was visiting Japan, I found a very cute book about making felt from cat's hair!
I usually just toss her hair after combing Amanda.
What a neat idea!!
Unfortunately, the book I bought was only avairable in Japanese, but I found a very useful information from

I was collecting Amanda's fur for past few days, and now finally I had enough fur to make a miniature Amanda mascot!


A mascot from Amanda's fur.
Amanda is "Classic Brown Tabby" as you can see from a picture below, and her coat is mostly black...
I thought it's quite interesting that her hair after combing almost looks like gray color.

who are you??

punch! punch!
The essential ingredients is kitties who can provide you fur to make kitty felt.
I think it's truly a special benefit for only kitty owners to enjoy making a miniature cat mascot from our kitty!

sniff sniff.......smells like.... me....????

Oh... by the way, Amanda seems very curious about mini-Amanda mascot.
She was sniffing a lot first, then punched it!
Mini-Amanda is now on the book shelf where is safer from big-Amanda's attack!

Have a lovely weekend :)


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cats on Tuesday - A Clever kitty??

Or is she a bad girl???

NO!! I'm a good kitty!!

Amanda learned how to open the kitchen cabinet door while I was visiting to Japan.
I wonder who taught her that???!??!?!!!?
She only enjoys trying to open this one specific cabinet.... nothing yummy is inside... just human food(rice and flour!) and cooking bowls....
Although nothing hazard or toxic things are in this cabinet, I tried to secure the door with Velcro tape...
Didn't work!!!
I wonder I should get something like Child proof door locks??

By the way, this is my first movie on Youtube!



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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo Game!!

I am very thrilled to say that I was tagged the photo game by my nice friends at House of Cats.
Thanks Amy and sweet kitties!!!

Here's how it works!

1. Open the first photo folder
2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
3. Post the 10th photo and tell the story about it
4. Pass this along to 5 other blogs

This photo was taken last year, around the same time of last year.
We just adopted Amanda from Humane Society few weeks before this photo was taken, but she was already making herself at home.
Amanda found a little cozy spot to enjoy sunbathing :)
She still loves this special spot to enjoy the sun beam and take a nap.
I always get tempted to take a nap right next her..... she just looks so cozy and peaceful.....

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Thank you for visiting us and reading my post!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Lacy Collar with Handmade Beads Charm

Another project I was working on last week was.... beading!
I made those colorful beads charms for Amanda's new lacy collar, and they're just like sliplock belt buckles so that I can adjust the sizes of the collars.
I know they aren't perfect looking.... but I like the colors and a shiny charm sparkling on Amanda's furry neck :)

the size is about 3/4" wide.....

Amanda now has so many cute collars that she can chose from every morning.....
Lucky kitty, Panda!
I feel like Amanda has more clothes than I have now!!!

I am a fashion leader!!

Have a lovely meowy weekend :)

Hoshi & Amanda

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Got Crafty???

I hope your past week was filled with laughter and lots of kitty moments :)

I just noticed "Sweet Spring Aroma" outside the other day.....
Where I live, is surrounded by orange groves, and this is the season all the orange blossoms start blooming here in So.Cal..
Spring season is filled with colorful flowers and sweet aromas..... makes me feel very special :)

I've been quite busy working on my crafty project recently..... and I would like to introduce few works which I've been working on past week today!

These little cat toy made out of plastic bottle caps.
Very simple and easy to make! You will need two plastic bottle caps(like water or soda bottles), a small piece of fabric, batting(if you have), and a jingle bell.
All you have to make this toy is, tape it, saw it and play it with your kitty!

Recycle bottle caps kitty toy
I made more bunny mouse......

bunny mouse party!!
I also made matching collars for my friend's kitties :)
I hope she like these collars....

This is one of my bigger project of last week, which I just finished yesterday!
It's a spring quilt for Amanda!!
I used the same pattern as my last quilt, and chose romantic pink flower printed fabric for my romantic girl....
Amanda is already loving her afternoon nap on her new spring look quilt!


"Pink" is my all time favorite color, and it is also the color of Spring to me.
I guess, it reminds me the lovely color of cherry blossoms, which is everywhere in Japan at this special time of the year.....


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

That green eyes, yeah the spotlight, shines upon you
And how could, anybody, deny you.........

Yeah.... if anybody recognize this lyric, you can see that I'm a big Coldplay fun :)

Sometimes looking at Amanda's BIG sparkling beautiful green eyes reminds me this song...

green eyes.... green eyes....Ohohohohooooo

So... is everybody ready to wear something green??!?!?!
Amanda is all set for St. Patrick's Day already!
She got her special order made shamrock and strawberry collar, which perfectly matches her green eyes :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

Hoshi & Amanda

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amanda's Daily Cute Collar - Lacy Yellow Polka Dots

I'm still suffering from my jet lug.... :(
It's not fun at all, but when I can't get back to sleep at middle of night, and I had to get up and have a tea, Amanda always follows me to the living room even she is in her lovely sleep.
How adorable she is!!!

I always love seeing Amanda is in cute costumes, plus I do enjoy making those too :)
Although Amanda is a very patient kitty to deal with her cat fashion, it shouldn't be a good idea putting her in her costume for a long time...

But, collars are another story :)
Collars are something kitties would wear everyday! !
So, I've been busy making Amanda's new collars recently.
I made basic ones for Cinnamon and Amanda while I was in Japan.

And this is what I made this week.

Mom's handmade spring color collar!

Since I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for kitties, I used no padding inside, so it's very soft and light weight.
It seems like ruffle doesn't really bother to Amanda so far.

Yellow and tiny blue polka dot with cream color lace
I believe any kitties who are just okay with their regular collars, would be able to enjoy cute lacy collars like Amanda's :)
I will be making more and more!!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cats on Tuesday - My New Welcoming Cats Collection

While my stay in Japan, I bought few welcoming cats(Maneki-Neko) in addition to my collection :)

This small "round" kitty is designed so that its weight causes it to return to an upright position if it is knocked over. This is one of a Japanese traditional doll called "Okiagari-koboshi", which is considered a good-luck charm and a symbol of perseverance and resilience.

I purchased this blue porcelain kitty from "Mie" the Poster Kitty, when I was visiting to the one of lovely shrine in Tokyo. It's quite small one, about 3" tall, but I love this color and I think this kitty is quite pretty :)

I found these couple kitties at an online store.
I actually found the bowing style cat which just look like these couple, and I always wanted to add the traditional style to my collection.

Sure... Amanda is my Oscar winning "welcoming cat" :)
No kitties could beat Amanda...

purr me?

Have a happy Tuesday, my friends!!



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Monday, March 8, 2010

Hoshi is Back!!!

I'm finally back home!!!!
I'm suffering with jet lag still, but it's so lovely to wake up from my nap and finding Amanda is just right there next to me and taking a nappy with me :)
How sweet!!!!
It is very precious to spend time with my family, but can't live without my furry family, Amanda...!

While staying in Japan, I bought so many cute tyrolean style ribbons, and made couple new collars for Amanda.

I think red is another color that match lovely with Amanda's shiny dark color coats....

This pink one is a matching collar with my sister's cat Cinnamon.
Amanda's got a pink bell :)
She is looking very cute in pink, as always!

Sexy in pink???

I would love to thank you all to visit and cheer Amanda during my vacation time.
Amanda is very lucky to have so many kind both furring and human friends here :)

I will be getting back to my crafty life, and will be happy to share my new creations with you again soon!!!
So, stay tune!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mom is Coming Back.....

sniff sniff......

Hello, this is Amanda.
I think my mom is coming back home soon.....
I can totally smell her!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cats on Tuesday - Having a tasty dream?

Amanda just woke up from her happy afternoon nap...
It seems like she had a tasty dream.... a dream fulled with fresh tuna? or chicken???


??? where is my tasty.....????????

Don't worry, Amanda!!
I got tons of tons of tasty treats for you!!! You will taste them on Saturday :)

Have a lovely Tuesday, everybody!!



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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amanda Fishing....

I think that is "Amanda the Kitty" over there on the chair....
I heard she is one of very very rare kind of kitty!!!
Let's see.... if I can catch her!!!

puuuurrrrr meee???

hey, Amanda the kitty....???
wanna play with this stick??


Friday, February 26, 2010

Cats in Japan - A Poster Girl Kitty

I went to the lovely temple called Shibamata-Taishakuten in Tokyo yesterday.
Shibamata-Taishakuten was said to be founded by Nichiei Jonin, in 17 century Edo era.
Tale goes that Jonin decided to start living there as he found splendid water flowing out near the foot of a great pine tree. Ever since he brought about the temple, the water has been loved by local residents who bless their health.

As walking down the front approach to the temple, I met a lovely kitty sitting in front of the gift shop.
I said "hello" to the kitty and asked her if it's okay to pet her.
She didn't say anything, but I just assumed she woudln't mind...
A lady at the gift shop told me Mie just loves to sit there and enjoy people watch everyday...
She is sure the poster girl of this gift store! She was very calm and gentle :)

"Mie" the Poster Kitty

Mie's gift shop was selling so many different kinds of welcoming cats!!! (if you never heard about welcoming cats, click HERE for more details!)
I bought a new welcoming cat from Mie... I have actually added few more welcoming cats to my collection, so I will introduce my new welcoming cats some another time :)

Welcoming cats party!!

the front approach - can you find"Mie"?
front of the temple - what a lovely day!!!
Then, we had a little tea break at the Japanese garden.
It was a very quiet, peaceful and warm day :)

Have a lovely weekend!!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amanda's Pressed Flower Collage

My mother is a pressed flower artist, and has been teaching for the past decade or so in Tokyo.
This is what my mother made for me recently.

Pink Amanda with red ribbon, holding a big red roses bouquet :)

Thank you for making this special work for me and Amanda, mom!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cinnamon's New Flower Collar

I made a new collar for my sister's kitty Cinnamon.
Her new collar was made of tyrolean style ribbon in white and pink with red flower design, and I put a red bell on it.

Cinnamon doesn't really like me so much.... but she was extra nice to me today! Though, when I tried to pet her back, she was quite upset... :(
But I think Cinnamon is pretty cute in red flower collar :)

Cinnamon is taking a few gulps of water....

I'm thinking about making the same style collar for Amanda too!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cats on Tuesday - Couch Potato

Amanda is enjoying her relaxing time sitting in the box, on the couch, with her dad :)

What do you see, Panda???


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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cats in Japan - Cat Cafe

A Cat Cafe is a theme cafe, where you can actually play with kitties, over drinking tasty coffee or even have real meals.
I guess this sort of cafes are quite popular in Tokyo area, because many apartments are not allowed to have pets, and also simply, cats can provide you relaxing companionship for those have very busy stressful days and lonely urban life.

I've been always curious about cat cafes, and I went to the one called "Neko no Te"(Kitty's Paw in Japanese) today, finally!!

As soon as I walked into the cafe, a pretty kitty in pink dress welcomed me :)

"Hello, kitties!!!"

A cover fee was about $12 for 90min, a coffee and small snacks were included for this fee.
I thought 90min would be plenty time for me to play and watch kitties, but it went very quick!!!!!

Amanda like classic tabby kitty- Very playful and energetic!

This kitty was my most favorite one, she was very gentle, and I especially liked her beautiful black nose, and how she curled up her tail around her paws :)

A munchkin kitty - Wow, short legs!!
I really enjoyed this cafe....
Not just only being able to play with furry kitties, but also the fact that this cafe(or most of cat cafes) also seek to raise awareness of cat welfare issues, such like, they organize cat adoptions periodically for unwanted, abandoned and stray cats.