Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amanda's Daily Cute Collar - Lacy Yellow Polka Dots

I'm still suffering from my jet lug.... :(
It's not fun at all, but when I can't get back to sleep at middle of night, and I had to get up and have a tea, Amanda always follows me to the living room even she is in her lovely sleep.
How adorable she is!!!

I always love seeing Amanda is in cute costumes, plus I do enjoy making those too :)
Although Amanda is a very patient kitty to deal with her cat fashion, it shouldn't be a good idea putting her in her costume for a long time...

But, collars are another story :)
Collars are something kitties would wear everyday! !
So, I've been busy making Amanda's new collars recently.
I made basic ones for Cinnamon and Amanda while I was in Japan.

And this is what I made this week.

Mom's handmade spring color collar!

Since I wanted to make it as comfortable as possible for kitties, I used no padding inside, so it's very soft and light weight.
It seems like ruffle doesn't really bother to Amanda so far.

Yellow and tiny blue polka dot with cream color lace
I believe any kitties who are just okay with their regular collars, would be able to enjoy cute lacy collars like Amanda's :)
I will be making more and more!!



  1. Amanda looks lovely in that collar, very pretty yellow.

  2. Amanda, that is stunning and a very good color on you!

  3. That's a great collar, and Amanda, you wear it well!

  4. Hoshi, you are so clever and creative. What a pretty collar. Amanda looks beautiful in it:)

  5. That is very pretty! I don't mind dressing up, but I do not wear my fashions for very long either.

  6. This collar is so pretty, and Amanda of course you look so pretty and feminine wearing it. You're so sweet to get up with mom in the night.

  7. She is so adorable with the beautiful collar, this is a lovely moment and shot!

  8. We hope your jet lag goes away soon. Of course it doesn't help that we set the clocks ahead one hour tomorrow night!

  9. Oh what a cute collar! And it is great on Amanda! My kitties don't wear collars (we tried at first and it didn't work out too well) but I wish they did because I always see such cute ones!

    Oh I had to mention I got the perfect word verification - mistaby - like Miss Tabby!


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