Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Got Crafty???

I hope your past week was filled with laughter and lots of kitty moments :)

I just noticed "Sweet Spring Aroma" outside the other day.....
Where I live, is surrounded by orange groves, and this is the season all the orange blossoms start blooming here in So.Cal..
Spring season is filled with colorful flowers and sweet aromas..... makes me feel very special :)

I've been quite busy working on my crafty project recently..... and I would like to introduce few works which I've been working on past week today!

These little cat toy made out of plastic bottle caps.
Very simple and easy to make! You will need two plastic bottle caps(like water or soda bottles), a small piece of fabric, batting(if you have), and a jingle bell.
All you have to make this toy is, tape it, saw it and play it with your kitty!

Recycle bottle caps kitty toy
I made more bunny mouse......

bunny mouse party!!
I also made matching collars for my friend's kitties :)
I hope she like these collars....

This is one of my bigger project of last week, which I just finished yesterday!
It's a spring quilt for Amanda!!
I used the same pattern as my last quilt, and chose romantic pink flower printed fabric for my romantic girl....
Amanda is already loving her afternoon nap on her new spring look quilt!


"Pink" is my all time favorite color, and it is also the color of Spring to me.
I guess, it reminds me the lovely color of cherry blossoms, which is everywhere in Japan at this special time of the year.....



  1. Very nice Hoshi! Amanda, you look like you are laughing!

  2. Amanda you are very lucky to have such a nice mommy that makes you such nice things. Your new quilt is so pretty and you look so beautiful laying on it.

  3. Amanda, you are one lucky kitty! Hoshi, you are very talented. We hope you have a lovely spring. It is our favourite time of year, too:)

  4. Hoshi, all your crafts are so lovely and creative. The collars are so pretty. Your friend and her kitty are very lucky! Amanda's quilt is beatiful. Pink is our favorite color too. I love the little flowers.

  5. Hi Hoshi and Amanda, thank you very much for visiting our blog, it is nice to meet you both!...Amanda is a gorgeous girl with lovely markings and Hoshi, you are very talented to make such cute kitty toys!...We look forward to getting to know you...Happy weekend...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Ammanda, you are really spoiled with a pink quilt made just for you!


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