Friday, April 2, 2010

Felting with Amanda's fur

I guess Spring is the most season for cats to shed their fur......just like us taking off toasty furry winter coats to light spring cardigans....

While I was visiting Japan, I found a very cute book about making felt from cat's hair!
I usually just toss her hair after combing Amanda.
What a neat idea!!
Unfortunately, the book I bought was only avairable in Japanese, but I found a very useful information from

I was collecting Amanda's fur for past few days, and now finally I had enough fur to make a miniature Amanda mascot!


A mascot from Amanda's fur.
Amanda is "Classic Brown Tabby" as you can see from a picture below, and her coat is mostly black...
I thought it's quite interesting that her hair after combing almost looks like gray color.

who are you??

punch! punch!
The essential ingredients is kitties who can provide you fur to make kitty felt.
I think it's truly a special benefit for only kitty owners to enjoy making a miniature cat mascot from our kitty!

sniff sniff.......smells like.... me....????

Oh... by the way, Amanda seems very curious about mini-Amanda mascot.
She was sniffing a lot first, then punched it!
Mini-Amanda is now on the book shelf where is safer from big-Amanda's attack!

Have a lovely weekend :)



  1. Our Mom can't wait to try this! She recently made us some mousies by knitting them and then wet-felting them. But this looks even more fun! Thanks Hoshi and Amanda!

  2. Hoshi, you are so talented; we are very impressed with Mini Amanda, it is very cute!...You wouldn't believe the fur our Mommy throws away and it's so cool she could make a little mini me from it=we love your idea!!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  3. Mini-Amanda is adorable! Our human is not talented enough to make a mascot, but what a good idea. Very cute that Amanda was whapping mini-Amanda. LOL.

  4. That really is cute, Amanda and a mini-Amanda!!1

  5. Funny, but kinda creepy too.

  6. Andy is willing to donate his super floof if our mama will try this....:)

  7. Interesting idea - you never know, 30 years from now you might be able to clone Amanda from her felt mini-Amanda!

  8. I get so much fur off Hannah every day when I brush her and always throw it away - never gave a thought to using it. I'll have to see if I can make a mini Hannah - although two like Madam Hannah could be one too many!!

  9. This mini-Amanda is so cute! I would never have thought that one could make something like that out of cat fur! Love these pictures of big Amanada with mini Amanda!

    Happy Easter!

  10. That is adorable! With all the fur we have around here, we could make lots of those!

  11. What a neat idea. I am sure Marshmellow and Peanut could provide me with lots of hair.
    You are a very talented lady.
    Happy Easter.


  12. Cute!
    Happy Easter!


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