Friday, February 26, 2010

Cats in Japan - A Poster Girl Kitty

I went to the lovely temple called Shibamata-Taishakuten in Tokyo yesterday.
Shibamata-Taishakuten was said to be founded by Nichiei Jonin, in 17 century Edo era.
Tale goes that Jonin decided to start living there as he found splendid water flowing out near the foot of a great pine tree. Ever since he brought about the temple, the water has been loved by local residents who bless their health.

As walking down the front approach to the temple, I met a lovely kitty sitting in front of the gift shop.
I said "hello" to the kitty and asked her if it's okay to pet her.
She didn't say anything, but I just assumed she woudln't mind...
A lady at the gift shop told me Mie just loves to sit there and enjoy people watch everyday...
She is sure the poster girl of this gift store! She was very calm and gentle :)

"Mie" the Poster Kitty

Mie's gift shop was selling so many different kinds of welcoming cats!!! (if you never heard about welcoming cats, click HERE for more details!)
I bought a new welcoming cat from Mie... I have actually added few more welcoming cats to my collection, so I will introduce my new welcoming cats some another time :)

Welcoming cats party!!

the front approach - can you find"Mie"?
front of the temple - what a lovely day!!!
Then, we had a little tea break at the Japanese garden.
It was a very quiet, peaceful and warm day :)

Have a lovely weekend!!



  1. What a wonderful place......mamabug could spend hours in there!!!!!!! Mie is gorgeous and what a wonderful way to be greeted.

  2. ohhhh the cats the cats that the maneki neko right? the good luck cats *the waving cats* so cute, I gotta get some myself

  3. Yes, I can see pretty 'Mie' sitting and looking at people walking by. Beautiful temple and serene garden.

  4. Oh we have heard about the welcoming cats! And we love that the shop has their own real one! Mie is a cutie! Who could resist buying something from her shop!

  5. Mie is a very nice cat! We love the photos.

  6. Wow! Look at all those welcome kitties! We really liked Mie!

  7. Beautiful place and kitty! I did find Mie in the picture. :)

  8. Yes, I saw Mie. I would LOVE that shop!!


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