Friday, February 19, 2010

Cats in Japan - Japanese Aflac Cat

Ever since I came to Japan, I just keep seeing this cute welcoming kitty commercial from Aflac.
A super cute white kitty and a duck dance together to a delightful little ditty in this Japanese Aflac commercial :)

Aflac kitty

Yeah, you still get to see a little eccentric duck running around and screaming "AAAFLAC" in the U.S., but something more cute and adorable thing would happen in this commercial :)

Trust me!
Just spare your 30 second to watch this video now!

A kitty screamed "MEOW-FLAC!!!!" in sort of Japanese at the end.
That's my favorite part!!!!
Isn't it cute, or what?!?!

....forgetting someone furry cute...??
Hey, Panda! No sitting on the printer!



  1. Totally cute fur sure...I'm waving back!

  2. We loved it....and think we need one like that here in the States!!!!!! We're trying to keep Amanda company so she won't miss you quite as much.

  3. Awww, "MEOW~FLACK!" Loved it! Amanda, you are so cute!

  4. I would be much more excited about commercials if they were like that all i can do is wait for cat food commercials and scowl at them when they tell me about all the good veggies in the cat food...because if its healthy for us its healthy for the...*scowl* i want happiness!

  5. Thank you for posting that super cute commercial! We wish that white kitty was in the American aflac ads too! Have a great weekend!

  6. The commercial was so cute. I think so many commercials aren't. The one I like now, is where the woman obviously needs new eye glasses and is calling her cat to come inside to cuddle, and a possum walks in. The lady still thinks it's her cat.

    Amanda my cats love to sit on the printer too. I think they like the warmth.
    Tell your mama to hurry back home to you.


  7. Hoshi! We much prefer that commercial over the silly ones we have!

  8. Fun commercial! Thanks for sharing!

    Amanda looks so cute today (and always)!

  9. Love this commercial. Kenggy, my pawless cat, stands up and wave her pawless limbs in the air to ask for food like this.

  10. I love this commercial...wish they would show it in the U.S.

  11. That is really cute. I love the AFLAC duck; but this combo is the best.


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