Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amanda Applique

I haven't got crafty so much past couple weeks since I arrived to Japan........ :(
I went to a craft store in my town, and spent almost three hours(!!)there today!!
Wow!! How did I do that?!?!
I just kept find super cute fabrics and ribbons, and couldn't help looking around...
I bought couple Japanese style fabric that I would love to make Amanda's new dresses sometime!

Since I don't have my exclusive super model Amanda around me to try my new dresses on, so I made an "Amanda applique" today :)

purrr me??

I just made a quick, easy and simple felt applique, and I think this applique turned out so cute just like real Amanda girl :)

I'm thinking of making a little purse with this Amanda applique, and giving to my niece.
I hope she will like it!!!



  1. Hoshi, you are so talented! The Amanda applique is so very cute!

  2. We love the Amanda applique.......what a beautiful job you did!

  3. You are very artsie! Love the Amanda applique and we think your niece will LOVE a little purse!

  4. That is very cute! We think your Niece will love that!

  5. It is an adorable applique. You are so creative. I think your niece will love it.


  6. Oh my gosh Hosi that applique is adorable! She will love it for sure - we think it is awesome!! You are extremely talented!

  7. Hey Amanda, you're it!!!

  8. This is lovely. You are very creative.

  9. You are so clever and talented, Hoshi! This is so adorable. I definitely think your niece will like it!


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