Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cats On Tuseday - Hoshi's Vacation....

So..... I have been having a very very difficult time talking to Amanda past few days... about "the THING"....

The thing is, her mom, which is "ME", is going on her vacation, and she will be gone for a month....

So Sorry,,, Amanda....
Yes, I said... "I will be gone for a month. "

Yes, Amanda.... It is "REALLY"...... :(
I know.. I know..

Me and my husband are going to visit my family in Japan, and I will be staying there whole February...
Although my husband will return to the U.S. earlier, and Amanda still will be staying at home all by herself for 10 days.....


I'm very lucky to have a very wonderful friend to take care of her while we are gone.
She is a very trusted friend. Yet.....
I'm SO nervous and worried about Amanda, leaving my little kitty alone for such a long time.... :(

I hope Amanda won't get too upset with me, nor forget about me once I come home in March...

Oh... my dear friends, I may not be able to visit you for next couple days or so....
But please, please, please, don't forget about us!!!!

I will be posting about my trips, kitties in Japan, and of course Amanda even while I'm on vacation!!

Stay tune!!!



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  1. Oh Idon't think Amanda will forget you although at first she'll treat you like she did. Enjoy your visit!

  2. Please be safe and we will be missing you Amanda!!!

  3. Have a safe and blessed trip.
    Don't worry, everything will be okay and we will be praying and send our love to Amanda!

  4. While Mom's away the cats will play. And maybe be naughty!

  5. Oh no, we would never forget you. I wish you a safe and wonderful trip!

    I feel the same way when I go away. She'll be ok and she definitely won't forgetyou. I know she will miss you!

  6. Couldn't forget you, you have a great blog! Enjoy your trip. Love the 2nd picture!

  7. Oh Amanda! We're sorry to hear your mom is going away for so long!!

  8. At home with a pal to look after you is the best, Amanda. You are lucky to have such a thoughtful mum.

  9. Amanda we are sorry you mom is going to be gone for so long. You will be okay though. Time flies by and mom will be home before you know it.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  10. We could never forget you, furiends!! We hope you have a very safe trip to Japan! We just know Amanda will miss you dearly. Bring her back lots of treats and she will forgive you for leaving. LOL!

  11. She will make you feel as guilty as possible for leaving her and then have a wonderful time while you are gone. It's good to have friends who will care for our loved pets when we go away...it takes some of the worry out for us.

  12. Have a wonderful time visiting your family! Ten days on her own will not be too hard for Amanda, and she will certainly remember you and be happy to see you when you come home in March. We will watch for your posts, have a safe and happy trip!

  13. Don't worry and enjoy your vacation. My cats had to stay alone for 3 weeks sometimes and it worked out very well. I have a very trustful neighbour she came over 3 times a day, switched on TV for the cats fed them and talked to them. When we came back they were offended of course but only for a short while !

  14. Amanda, your thoughts were correctly read. Look forward to stories about cats in Japan.

  15. Let's start planning the parties now Amanda!

  16. It is really nice to meet you. Amanda won't forget you....our mamabug went to Ireland and spent a year (we stayed with sisterbean), and we didn't forget her......the minute she walked in the door we were all over her!!!!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful vacation, Hoshi!!!!

  17. We are sure Amanda will be fine - but we totally understand worrying anyway!

    Have a wonderful trip!!


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