Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oops, Amanda!!

I bet most of cats owners are experiencing the same problem that I have....... which is....
It's kind tough to take super cute and lovely photos of kitties!!!
Isn't it?!?!?!
Except heir nappy time, they are just too busy to grooming, or just constantly moving around!

I think Amanda is quite photogenic :)
But... sometimes I get to see other side of Amanda..... yeah, the evil side of Amanda, the dark side of Amanda.... like these....

Hey, mommy! That's private!!!

I know... I know.. Amanda, you are still my super model!

Have a lovely weekend, my friends :)



  1. Awwww...we have lots of pictures like those around here of Lucy. She hates having her picture taken, but when we get a good one, she looks so wonderful. Anyway, I think even the "bad" pics of Amanda are quite cute. I really love the last one of her in her pink collar and matching pink ears. Yes, she is very photogenic!

  2. I find Suey really hard to photograph, Fui easy to photograph, and Lishy somewhere in between. In real life, Suey is such a pretty girl, but it is so hard to capture.


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