Monday, February 1, 2010

Fleece Coaster for Kitty

I made another blanket for Amanda the other day
She already has a kitty quilt that I made for her before, but I thought she can use something toasty to snuggle with too :)

Since I had stash of fabric scraps to use, I picked polka-dot(yeah,, again, my favorite polka-dot...) and cream color fleece, and finished with the simple nine-patch quilt design :)
Super easy, super simple, but pretty!

my butt is so toasty........

I also made a matching pillow, and she is loving it!!!

Does your kitty have their favorite toasty blankie to snuggle with in chilly winter season???



  1. Amanda is so lucky to have you to sew so many nice things for her. My cats do have blankets that they love.


  2. Amanda will need her own cupboard soon - lucky fuzz!

  3. Dear Amanda, you are sooo cute in these pictures, your mommy is very talented, I loved the new blanket!
    purrs and love

  4. So cute with the matching little pillow!

  5. Very nice indeed Amanda! We have a super soft blankie on the back of the couch and we all love it!

  6. That so cute! Now if only Tygana would get a thing for blankies so far all he wants to snuggle with is my dirty clothes

  7. This looks totally comfortable. Lovely colors.
    I think I must try doing this nine patch quilt too one day!Its a few year ago since I sewed a quilts.
    *Happy Tuesday*


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