Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cat Aprons

My friend told me something the other day.
She is feeding her kitties wet and dry foods,
since her kitties are both long haired(one Himalayan and one Ragdoll), they sometimes make a little mess around their chest.

Hmmm.... I never knew about that!

Does any of you guys also have a same problem like that?

Amanda is short hair tabby, and
I only give her dry food(she likes chicken flavor).
She gets cat milk every night, but she never made a mess with her chest hair. (although she sometimes splash her milk.....)

This conversation with my friend gave me an idea,,,,
to make small aprons for long hair kitties!!!!!
I guess it's just like baby bibs.

So, I made "Cat Aprons" for my friend today.


It's reversible aprons, with checks and flower prints, with lovely lace ruffled.
It wraps around kitty's neck with Velcro, so it's adjustable, and very comfortable.

I hope my friend, and her two kitties, will like my aprons.....

So far,,, Amanda seems like it.....

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