Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Coat for Sammie

This is my first dog coat made for my friend's doggy, Sammie.

She is a very pretty french bulldog as you can see, but due to the breed's build, she has difficulty regulating body temperature.
She can be extremely sensitive to cold.
When I heard this from my friend, I just wanted to make a warm dog coat for Sammie :)

I picked this pink fabric with skeleton motif because it's my friend's favorite design...

To make it warm and comfy, it's filled batting inside.

Back style, with pink laces around the neck and the bottom

My friend actually owns three dogs, including Sammie.
Yuki, the gorgeous white shepherd, and Ace, the pug and cavalier mix.

Since I had some left-over fabric, I made matching bandanas for three dogs, and a hair scrunchy for my friend.

Oh, my.... I'm getting SO into making pet clothing lately...
I always enjoy getting crafty, and making little cute things like that.
But I just also love to see my furry friends in dresses that I made... plus, just simply expanding my imagination and creativity to making clothes or cute anything for my furry friends :)
It's so fun.

Thanks for sending lovely pictures, my friend!



  1. I think you have found a new occupation!

  2. Sammie, you are a fashion diva fur sure!


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