Friday, January 15, 2010

Gather Bag

I made this gather bag for myself a little while back ago.
I just fell in love with this cute kitty printed fabric as soon as I saw it at the fabric store!!
I referred the recipe from here.(Sorry, it's only in Japanese..)

Now, I'm making another bag for my sister in Japan, and I might make a smaller version of this bag for my niece later too. Probably, with matching fabric as sister's bag :)
I thought it's kinda cute to have matching bags, for a mom and a girl...

here's quick peep, work is on process.......

So, maybe you are wondering ..... what's Amanda up to today?
Here she is!!!!

nappy sleepy toasty...... heavenly......

She has been loving and enjoying to take a kitty nap by the fire.
I love watching her laying down by the fire, get very toasted, and then she would walk up to the tiles to cool down.
I almost could hear "pfft" sounds with all steam coming out from her when she's cooling down, you know?
It's just like sauna!!


  1. That's a very pretty bag...but sorry, I think Amanda needs some help napping! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Watching a cat sleep, all cuddled and warm, is such a delight.

    We just swung over from Gracie's PAWty. Miss Camille Suzanne is out fur the evening with her darling Dante to celebrate his birthday with him - a night on the town☺

  3. What a nice bag ! I always think that a cat looks so cosy in a house !

  4. Lovely bag. I often wish I had the patience to sew, but when my sister in law tried when I was a teenager, I had no patience. A cat should have an easy life. Wait til you see the pictures of mine I've picked for COT!

  5. **Hi Brian,
    Thanks!I like my bag too! Have a relaxing weekend too!

    **Hi Da fambly kitties,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, so ture,,, watching kitties is just so relaxing thing :)

    **Hi Gattina,
    Thanks for visiting!!I've been enjoying my life with kitty since last year:) It've been sooo delight!

    **Hi Ginger,
    Thanks for visiting me:) I so look forward to seeing your pictures on COT then!!
    Hope come back to my blog again soon :)

  6. I love your bags very special design :-)

    ((hugs )) from Kareltje for Amanda =^.^=

  7. The print on the first bag is lovley. Amanada is just being a cat - loving hte heat. Our cats sit right next to the heater - I think they will go up in flames they get so hot!

  8. That print is so adorable! Mom used to quilt, but very little fashion sewing. I wish she could make me some cute outfits!

  9. **Hi WildCatwoodscats,
    I can totally understand what you mean!! Amanda get so smoking HOT too!!!

    **Hi Gracie,
    Thanks for visiting us:)
    Maybe your mom will be making a cute pink outfits soon!!?!?!?!

  10. You bag is so pretty. I can see you that you are quite talented in making lovely things.
    Amanda looks very comfortable napping away the day.


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