Friday, November 9, 2012

My New "Welcome Cat"

My loving husband added this such cute "Welcome Cat" to my collection recently.
(For people who is not familiar to what is Welcome Cat is, please read my previous post : Here)

As we live in quite country side of So.Cal, unfortunately, I do not have good access to buying Japanese products such as produces, books and such and such...... (Oh, I can still by Tofu from my nearest grocery store though!)

When my husband was visiting to San Francisco for his business trip, he found a Japanese dollar store in down town, and this is what he found there!

Isn't it cute?!?!

Of course, Amanda,,, you are the best "Welcome Kitty" in the world ; )

My house will be turning into "The America's Most Welcome Cat House" soon, for sure : )


  1. How cute!! Our mom only has one of those welcome cats.

    1. The Island Cats

      Thanks for your comment!
      I'm totally becoming a big welcome cats collector!


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