Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fun, Fun, Bread Making!

I've been hooked with bread making lately.
One of my birthday gift from my husband was a "Bread Making Machine".
Oh my! This machine is wonderful!
All you need to do is just put all ingredients together into a little case, set into the machine, and press "START"!

  Japanese "An-Pan Bread", with sweet red bean paste filling inside. Yum Yum!

Since I'm not really a big fun of sandwich bread, so I usually make my dough on the "Dough Setting" with my machine, and then just bake them in the stove.
Yet, it still works GREAT, and makes pretty good bread!
Another good thing is, I can make my own "Vegan" bread, no eggs, no butter and no milk.

Chocolate Marble Sweet Rolls

I've been enjoying my bread making a lot lately especially since the weather has been FINALLY cooling down here in So.Cal..   : )

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