Friday, March 26, 2010

Lacy Collar with Handmade Beads Charm

Another project I was working on last week was.... beading!
I made those colorful beads charms for Amanda's new lacy collar, and they're just like sliplock belt buckles so that I can adjust the sizes of the collars.
I know they aren't perfect looking.... but I like the colors and a shiny charm sparkling on Amanda's furry neck :)

the size is about 3/4" wide.....

Amanda now has so many cute collars that she can chose from every morning.....
Lucky kitty, Panda!
I feel like Amanda has more clothes than I have now!!!

I am a fashion leader!!

Have a lovely meowy weekend :)

Hoshi & Amanda


  1. Amanda is the purrfect model for your sweet things. Happy weekend!

  2. Amanda, you look lovely in that necklace!

  3. Amanda, you new necklace looks lovely! You are a beautiful model.
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Amanda looks so pretty in her new collar! And her eyes in that picture are beautiful too! And we think the bead charms are a great idea - we love anything sparkly!!

  5. Lucy seriously wishes I was creative and crafty. Your collars are so pretty and the beading really looks great. Makes for a very unique collar. Amanda looks gorgeous. she's the perfect model for the pretty things yoS make.

  6. Amanda, you look lovely. You are ready for the kitty runway! How lucky to have a creative human. :-)

  7. You certainly are well dressed, Amanda! Very pretty!

  8. Amanda looks so pretty in her collar; she's the perfect model for her Mom's wonderful creations!...Happy weekend...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki


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